I am Jeroen Van Grootel, a web and graphic designer from Belgium.
Currently I am studying Graphical and Digital Media at AP Hoge School in Antwerp.

About me.

Jeroen Van Grootel

I’m 21 years old and was born in Belgium. I have a passion for design and everything that needs some creativity. Some of my other interests are (kite)surfing skateboarding and snowboarding.

Currently I’m studying Graphical and Digital Media at AP Hoge School in Antwerp, Belgium. Before these studies I studied Multimedia at SISA in Antwerp, Belgium.



Visual Brand identity

While I'm designing, I always think about the identity that the brand wants to reflect on the customer. Based on that, I can decide the colors and overall feeling of the design.

Front end development

Front-End Development is the HTML and CSS of the website. It's the code that will turn the visual design into a working website.

Logo design

A logo can make or break a company, a well designed logo will attract customers but also should be easy to recognize and to remember.

Interface design

A well designed interface isn't all about the design itself, it's also about usability. The interface should be nice to look at, but it should also be easy and clear to operate.


  • Dieter Van Der Eyken
    Website and Logo

    This was a project I did with Dieter Van Der Eyken, a professional windsurfer and World Champion Freestyle of 2015.

    His website and logo needed a restyling and he contacted me for doing this project with him. It was my first big project and I really liked working on it.

    Visit the website here: www.dieter-b35.com

  • Surfinspire

    This is a logo that I made for Surfinspire. Surfinspire is a surf orientated shop located in Long Island, NY.

  • Oakley BWA

    This is a design that I made for Oakley. Every year they organise the Oakley Big Wave Awards and they needed a new logo for this years competition.